Saturday, May 29, 2010


Inspiration was 'maiden mission,' deep sea, and Mythbusters if you believe it or not!


  1. haha I think I saw that episode!
    It looks great Steph- I love all the textures!

  2. Thanks! I ganked the textures from DeviantArt and I think I used the long way to apply them to the bits.

    It was a disgusting episode of Mythbusters... They tested 'The Squeeze' by cutting the air pressure to a deep sea diver's suit, and the diver's body squished into his helmet... I've never seen a more graphic episode of that show. O_O Poor what's-his-face had to sew animal meat and skin onto a human skeleton to make an adorable 'Meat Man.' VOMIT

  3. Awww, adorable!

    Mythbusters should really stop showing that stuff...especially in slow mo. SO gross.

  4. haha okay no I don't think I saw THAT one! Sounds awesome though...